Our Story

Epigenica was formed in 2020 after Simon Elsässer Ph.D., then an Assistant Professor at the Karolinska Institute, was approached by a large pharmaceutical company to find or build a new technology that could generate quantitative data on a large scale, fast and cost-effectively. Finding nothing available on the market that fit the bill and realizing the potential of technology under development in his laboratory, he teamed up with Mohamad Takwa, Ph.D., an experienced entrepreneur and scientist, to tackle the problem. They quickly secured funding and set off to develop state-of-the-art products for epigenetic screening. With headquarters in Solna, Sweden, Epigenica has secured seed funding from Almi Invest and Scale Up Life Science, and is rapidly commercializing a family of epigenetic profiling kits based on its patented chip technology.

Our Mission

At Epigenica, our dedicated team is driven by a singular vision: to innovate epigenetic research. With expertise across diverse disciplines, we empower researchers and epigenetic experts to explore and profile epigenetic markers at an unprecedented scale. From detailed workflow instructions to personalized data analysis, we provide guidance every step of the way. Our mission is to equip researchers with powerful yet user-friendly tools for comprehensive epigenetic analysis. From studying histone modifications to exploring DNA methylation, our innovative solutions deliver precise insights with unparalleled scale and affordability. By unlocking new frontiers in scientific discovery, we’re shaping the future of epigenetics and driving progress of its application in society.

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