Next-Level, Quantitative Data

The EpiFinder™ platform yields exquisitely reproducible and quantitative data because samples are pooled early in the workflow. This removes the sample-to-sample variation typically seen in parallelized workflows, and allows quantitative comparisons across all samples. Chromatin fragments carrying the target epitope (e.g. hPTM) compete for the available antibody binding sites in each ChIP reaction, and the proportion of fragments captured in the ChIP reaction is directly proportional to the relative abundance of the hPTMs in each sample.

Custom Analysis Pipelines for Simple Sample-to-Result Workflow and Easy-to-Interpret Results

Epigenica’s open-source, custom-designed pipelines make it easy to process and analyze the vast quantitative data generated from the EpiFinder™ platform. The custom pipeline analysis performs all necessary demultiplexing, deduplication, genomic mapping, filtering, scaling steps to generate quantitative output tracks for easy visualization and downstream analysis, as well as a wealth of quality control (QC) indicators.

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