Revolutionizing the use of epigenetics in pharma and medicine

Our breakthrough technology accelerates the journey towards advanced medicine and personalized treatments for incurable diseases.

Did you know...

You can influence your genetic expression Your epigenome tells your genome what to do Your environment affects your genetic expression Epigenetics highlights our unique needs The food you eat affects your epigenetic code Epigenetic change requires specific essential minerals Epigenetics reinforces the mind-body connection Epigenetic changes may be passed onto children Epigenetics could be the future of personalised healthcare

Scientists sequenced the full human genome for the first time
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Genes exist in the human body- all prone to epigenetic changes
Epigenetic cancer drug candidates currently under development

Epigenica has developed a tool that allows epigenetic profiling at a much larger scale than before and includes the use of several epigenetic markers. Our platform technology is cost-efficient and amenable to a high throughput which could accelerate the discovery, development and optimization of novel pharmaceuticals.

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