Versatile platform with unprecedented quantitative throughput


The unique tool for high-throughput profiling of epigenetic on-target and off-target effects of drugs

Eight out of nine drug candidates fail clinical trials, with a majority of failures attributed to unanticipated human toxicity, despite having undergone a battery of cell-based and animal studies. In addition, tumour relapse and acquired therapy resistance is a core problem precluding improvement in long-term survival. Epigenetic therapies, or ‘epidrugs’ are now used in oncology to treat previously uncurable cancers and to circumvent common cancer resistance mechanisms.

We are more than our genes!


The scientific field that explains the differences seen in cell types of an organism despite harbouring a fixed genome. The knowledge of epigenetics has opened a new field of study and offers big opportunities. 

Epigenetic markers

Epigenetic marks include DNA methylation and histone modifications (eg. histone methylation and acetylation). Epigenica is an all-in-one solution as it can perform assays of both DNA methylation and histone modifications meaning increased speed and cost-efficiency.

Epigenetics diagnostic

Cancer cells are formed by epigenetic abnormalities

The market will reach USD 21.7 billion by 2026. Growing prevalence of cancer and other diseases across the globe, along with epigenetic modification base, is anticipated to fuel the industry growth. Epigenica provides a platform technology that would speed up and lower the costs of epigenetic diagnostics.


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