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At Epigenica, we build innovative products for epigenetic analysis that foster scientific breakthroughs to advance human health.

Barriers to Epigenetic Research

Current commercial epigenomics technologies are limited by their ability to profile one or a few marks and samples at a time, at low throughput and high cost. Today, researchers can screen for either DNA methylation (DNAm) or histone post-translational modifications (HPTMs) – but not both simultaneously. Experiments also require many cells to generate accurate information. Considerable input material is needed to undertake comprehensive, epigenetic screens across multiple samples and multiple epigenetic markers, Because it’s difficult to make quantitative comparisons across studies or samples, the utility of epigenetic research is limited.

Introducing the EpiFinder™ Platform:
A Breakthrough in Epigenetic Profiling

Our EpiFinder™ platform is a first-in-class multiplexed ChIP-seq technology for high-throughput analysis of epigenetic marks that lets scientists explore epigenetic biomarkers with unprecedented speed, scalability, and affordability. Powered by our patented hmqChIP-seq technology, the EpiFinder™ platform overcomes barriers to epigenetics research with:
The EpiFinder™ Genome Kit

The First Commercial High-throughput and Multiplex ChIP-seq Kit for Epigenetics

The flagship product in our EpiFinder™ product family, EpiFinder™ Genome for comprehensive genome-wide epigenomic profiling, enables researchers to simultaneously target up to 8 epigenetic markers in up to 24 samples, including replicates. The ability to include numerous conditions and replicates in a single workflow greatly increases the robustness of and confidence in the results. EpiFinder Genome is compatible with cultured and primary cells, as well as tissue. Generating 192 quantitative genome-wide profiles – equivalent to running 192 parallel ChIP-seq experiments, in a fraction of the time – , EpiFinder™ Genome brings in-depth insights for biomedical research, drug discovery and development, and precision medicine.

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