Take your science to the next level with EpiFinderTM, a next-generation sequencing kit that allows for the simultaneous targeting of up to 24 epigenetic markers in up to 96 samples, generating an incredible amount of data in a single workflow. Receive all the necessary components in one kit, along with detailed instructions on how to execute the optimised workflow and utilise our dedicated data analysis pipeline. One EpiFinderTM kit can produce as many as 2’304 data points, all at a fraction of the cost of other kits.

EpiFinderTM Genome

Unlock the full potential of our cutting-edge technology with EpiFinderTM Genome, the ultimate solution designed for customers seeking high-resolution profiling across the entire genome. This comprehensive kit offers the highest-quality profiling, boasting reduced background noise, increased specificity and enhanced sensitivity.

EpiFinderTM Global

Focus on specific genomic regions, chromosomes, or gene promoters with EpiFinderTM Global. Our kit for global-level quantification fully leverages the benefits of high-throughput sequencing, using very low-depth sequencing while ensuring accuracy.

EpiFinderTM Locus

Delve deeper into individual genomic loci with EpiFinderTM Locus. Utilise our patented amplification strategy for locus-specific quantification and enjoy the same multiplexed and high-throughput advantages as with our other kits.

EpiFinderTM cNUC

Use our genome-wide epigenetic screening kit to profile circulating nucleosomes (cNUC) in plasma. EpiFinderTM cNUC is ideal for studying epigenetic biomarkers circulating in blood.

Flexible to suit your needs

Our profiling kits are designed to be flexible. We offer a list of recommended antibodies for a range of targets, but the workflow allows for adaptation as desired, using your routine practices. We provide protocols to optimize both fixed and native starting materials for use with our kits, ensuring that the materials are prepared in the most efficient and effective way to achieve accurate results. We have also developed a dedicated pipeline for quantitative analysis, which simplifies the user experience. However, it’s available in open source, in case you wish to customise it for your specific needs.

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