Take your science to the next level with EpiFinderTM, a next-generation sequencing kit that allows for the simultaneous targeting of up to 24 epigenetic markers in up to 96 samples, generating an incredible amount of data in a single workflow. Receive all the necessary components in one kit, along with detailed instructions on how to execute the optimised workflow and utilise our dedicated data analysis pipeline. One EpiFinderTM kit can produce as many as 2’304 data points, all at a fraction of the cost of other kits.

EpiFinder™ Genome

Genome-wide profiling via multiplexed ChIP-seq with an intrinsically quantitative comparison across up to 24 samples, reduced background noise and increased specificity compared to standard ChIP-seq approaches. Multiply your output with a multiplexed workflow.

EpiFinder™ Global

Quantify global hPTM an DNAme levels in up to 96 samples with ease in a high throughput format. Leveraging a streamlined, highly multiplexed workflow, EpiFinder™ Global delivers accurate results from affordable low-depth next-generation sequencing while allowing internal quality control of antibody specificity, saving you time and resources without compromising quality.

EpiFinder™ cNUC

Dive into the world of epigenetic biomarkers with the first multiplexed hPTM and DNAme profiling solution for cell-free nucleosomes found in liquid biopsies such as blood plasma. Save precious material and cut costs by multiplexing up to 24 samples in the same sequencing libraries.

Flexible to suit your needs

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