Epigenica Receives Substantial Backing from Almi Invest

Translated from Almi Invest’s LinkedIn post:


Almi Invest has made a significant investment in the company Epigenica early in the fall. The company is focused on advancing epigenomics by delivering state-of-the-art epigenetic screening tools. With its multiplexing technology, the company offers its customers more comprehensive information faster, at a fraction of the cost they currently pay for the same knowledge.


Epigenetics is a growing research field providing new insights into how genes and the environment interact to influence biological processes. In epigenetics, scientists study how genes can be turned on or off without altering the DNA sequence itself. Environmental factors, disease history, and lifestyle choices influence these changes, which also play a central role in aging and can impact disease development. Understanding epigenetic mechanisms is crucial for advancing cancer diagnostics, biomarker discovery, drug development, precision medicine, and more. Interest in studying these epigenetic markers has increased significantly over the past decade.


Epigenica’s first product, EpiFinder™, set to launch in the spring, enables researchers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology industries, and academia to save considerable time and money when developing or researching new treatments.


“We are truly excited about the times ahead, launching our first product in an exciting and vital market. Having Almi Invest, Scale Up Life Science Invest, and other highly experienced investors with us on this journey makes an enormous difference. They bring along a fantastic network and support in several areas,” says Mohamad Takwa, CEO of Epigenica.


“We are impressed with Epigenica’s innovation journey so far. In a short period, they have built an exciting product portfolio in epigenetics with the potential to be a game-changer in drug research and eventually diagnostics,” says Stina Wallmark, Investment Manager at Almi Invest.


Almi Invest is entering the company alongside Scale Up Life Science Invest. This joint injection of capital will be used to expand the organization with resources for product development and sales, enhance the patent portfolio, initiate the sales of the first product, and expand operational activities in new facilities.

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