Epigenetic Profiling Service

Epigenetic profiling as a service

Our multiplexed, high-throughput technology is accessible as a service through our Service Laboratory. Enjoy the full advantages of EpiFinderTM while receiving maximum assistance and optimisation suggestions from our dedicated and experienced service team. We provide comprehensive data results on your selected target panel within a few days of receiving your samples. The service allows you to focus on your research without the need to purchase new equipment or learn another workflow. Our service team ensures the quality of all generated data, guaranteeing that you receive the insights you were looking for.

Custom projects with other epigenetic markers

Our specialised technology for studying histone modifications offers the flexibility to incorporate other targets, such as DNA methylation markers, making it suitable for other epigenetic research projects as well. With years of experience in epigenetic analysis, our team of experts can assist you in selecting a customised target panel that aligns with your research objectives. Our epigenetic profiling services ensures the accuracy and reliability of the results obtained from the target panel.

Become a licensed service provider

Epigenica is continuously looking for new service providers to partner up with. Do you want to become our licensed service laboratory in your local market? Contact us today!

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