We have created a platform for high-throughput, low-cost elucidation of action and toxicology of epigenetic drugs. Our multiplexed workflow enables comprehensive, combinatorial, quantitative, epigenetic profiling on a large number of samples. Its impact lies in reducing attrition and accelerating time-to-market for epigenetic cancer drugs (and drugs in general). EpiQure is quantitative technology for epigenetic drug efficacy and toxicity screening in real-life pilots, to match pharmaceutical industry requirements and address the need to lower R&D costs through reduced attrition. The technology framework allows high-throughput, low-cost elucidation of shortand long-term action and toxicology of drugs. The competitive advantage of our technology lies in delivering quantitative information on a high number of biomarkers at a 50-100 fold price decrease.


Enables and accelerates large-scale biomarker discovery for disease diagnosis, prognosis and selection of targeted therapies required for personalised medicine. Epigenica’s genome-wide epigenetic profiling technology, will enable and accelerate large-scale epigenetic biomarker discovery.


Speeds up and lowers the costs of epigenetic diagnostics, especially relevant to the diagnosis of cancer and disease conditions in general, and further informing the choice and/or dose of treatment in personalised medicine approaches.

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